Baca artikelnya PetaPixel pas udah mau balik dari New York. Trus iseng-iseng ikutan ah 😆. Dikit lagi nemu selanya nih. Shoot also with S10+.

“While traveling through the streets of New York City, filmmaker Glen Vivaris pulled out his smartphone and shot footage at 960 frames per second out the car window. He then created this 2-minute video that makes the New Yorkers on sidewalks look like they’re frozen in time.

“The car was actually moving really fast in comparison to the people,” Vivaris writes. “If you were to play it normal speed, the car just zips by in a split second. It’s similar to how they shot the explosion behind Quicksilver in X-Men Apocalypse.”

In case you’re wondering, the video was shot using the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its Super Slow-mo feature.”