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MNC Tech Talk Reviews Octagon VR Luna

Posted February 10th, 2016

Octagon VR Luna’s ever growing presence has garnered a video review in MNC TV’s weekly Tech Talk, a show dedicated to reviewing innovative technologies and trending gadgets. The one hour long show often features lesser known but noteworthy technologies and its real-world application.

Host Herjuno Syaputra kicks things off by introducing the current headlines which he and his co-host Danang Arradian (Cak Dan) will touch upon during the course of the show. Cak Dan is a self-proclaimed geek, tech blogger and serves as the Editor of Technology for a popular daily circulation; Koran Sindo. Needless to say, Cak Dan’s extensive knowledge and experience on the currently trending and upcoming technologies inevitably cemented his role as the tech show’s fountain of knowledge.

The review of Octagon VR Luna begins by the host asking key questions regarding the current trend as well as some historical background on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to his co-host Cak Dan. The show then moves on to briefly discuss Octagon Studio, the company behind the launch of the Octagon VR Luna.

When asked about his impressions on the Octagon VR Luna, Cak Dan expresses his admiration for the VR headset, praising the VR Luna’s well thought out design and the overall comfort it offers. The adjustable headstrap (which is made of a combination of fabric and rubber) is particularly comfortable and non restrictive. He even goes so far as to claim that in terms of comfort and performance, the VR Luna simply outclasses a number of similar products available on the market today.

The packaging of the VR Luna also catches the eyes of the presenters and adds to Cak Dan’s growing sense of bordering-on-disbelief amazement as he realizes that the VR Luna was conceived by a local start-up company harboring a very reasonable price tag.

The conversation shifts to Cak Dan’s experience in viewing 360 videos on Youtube and Facebok using the VR Luna. Having tested various genres of 360 videos ranging from gameplay videos to horror flicks, he describes his overall impression with the VR Luna as a very intense and enjoyable experience.

Continuing on to the realm of education, Cak Dan points out how children and other young learners can benefit by harnessing Virtual Reality technology through the use of a VR head mounted display. His choice of example is a good one; an educational VR app guiding users to navigate the insides of an active volcano. He continues to mention the vast potential of Virtual Reality application for educational purposes, while at the same time lamenting the rather low popularity of VR and AR technologies in various fields.

Cak Dan concludes his review by stating the affordable price of the VR Luna and how he had acquired the VR headset online. He also states the availability of various free-to-download VR apps on the App Store as well as the Playstore.

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If you’re interested in viewing the complete review, check out the following video.